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For over 15 years, Chris Kourtakis has been working with companies to reach financial success by building and implementing strong foundations and long term plans that have proven results. These building blocks include customer service strategies, marketing techniques and sales processes that produce positive outcomes.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit, Chris has a proven track record for turning around businesses, increasing sales, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Recognized as a global resource, Chris’ understanding of different cultures and the various markets has helped companies break down barriers and expand their portfolios for businesses of all sizes.

With an extensive background in marine, powersports, RV, real estate and QSR (quick service restaurants), Chris has helped increase revenue and adds positive gains to a company’s bottom line. Chris has worked with companies both large and small to develop and implement effective business plans and marketing strategies to achieve mile stones on the journey to the ultimate goal, profitability, sustainability and positive brand recognition.

Chris has worked with businesses to increase employee efficiency, reduce turnover, increase productivity and billable hours. Chris has also worked with business entities to increase market share, develop strong customer loyalty and provide a positive return on investment for every activity a business participates in.

Analytically driven, Chris believes in the saying “In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring Data” – W. Edwards Deming.

When not focused on sales and marketing, Chris spends his time helping grow boating, one boater at a time through H2O LIMOS by providing a friendly and safe atmosphere to learn boat handling skills and safe navigation on any waterway. He also believes in introducing boating to families and others through private yacht charters and boat rentals.

Since a young age, boating and customer service has been a passion of Chris’. Growing up on one of Michigan’s beautiful lakes, Chris still has that passion today and enjoys every aspect of boating and enjoys supporting the recreational boating industry through this website and other endeavors.

Chris’ Vision

Chris believes that every company should have an equal opportunity to succeed and is willing to provide the companies he works with the same opportunities to grow their businesses using social, digital and traditional marketing practices in today’s global market.  Every company should have the opportunity to add profitability to their bottom line.

Some of Chris’ Clients