Everyone has a story to tell, but may not know how to properly tell it.  This is where Chris comes in to convey your story or message to your audience.  Need content, no worries.  Chris has you covered and will create engaging content that your viewers and readers will love, interact with and share with others.

Marketing Analysis

You may think you know who your customer is, but what is the data telling you?  Are you looking to purchase a new location to open a business, but not sure if your business will be supported by the community, let Chris perform a deep dive customer analysis to give you up to date and current date to make important decisions about your business.

Looking to come out with a new model and not sure of the size, price range that will sell or what functions and features it should have.  Chris will study your current line up, the market and your competitors and tell you exactly what size range you need to be in, what the price should be and what standard features the unit should have and the options that should be available and for what price.  With a proven track record for product launches, Chris will let you know what you need before you do.

Marketing Strategies

Not all product launches are the same.  Today’s consumer is harder to each and if the proper channels are not used, your product launch or new business opening may not be as successful as you want it to be.  Allow Chris to handle all press releases, market launch planning, and the channels necessary to create a positive return on your investment.

Whether it is a new product launch or revamping a current market, Chris’ strategies are proven and create a positive ROI.

Online Reputation

Do you know what people are saying about you and your business online?  Do you know what information is shared on Google, Yelp or Four Square.  let Chris create a positive brand image for you personally or for your business and manage the conversation in the social word.

Social Media

Everyone says that social media is free, but is it really?  It is true that the platforms used are free to join, but at what cost do you need to maintain them?  Is the information that you are posting relevant to your page, business and customer base?

Did you know that your customers and today’s consumers are using social media to make buying decisions?  Is your profile meeting the needs for your customers and providing them with interactive content to assist in the growth of your business?

Allow Chris to not only design your strategy, but manage it for you.  Chris’ proven track record of developing, growing and maintaining social media profiles has been recognized by numerous industry professionals.

Video Production

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google.  Some consumers would rather watch a short video on what they are interested in than to read about it.  Give them what they want with short product reviews to in depth 4-5 videos about your business.  Need a commercial, no to worry.  Need a how to instructional video to display your product?  Chris has teams to meet every budget that will delivery HD quality videos that will allow you to meet the needs of your consumers and grow your business.