What Others Have to Say

Some times is it easier to hear what others are saying that to hear it from Chris.  Additional references are available upon request on a as needed basis.


Chris came in and learned the ins and out of our business and was able to make marketing recommendations that immediately affected our bottom line.  There wasn’t a marketing project that Chris implemented that didn’t give us a positive return on investment.  Chris knew exactly who we wanted to target and how to target them.
Needing to expand our distribution into the a specific market, Chris was able to perform an in depth market analysis and provided us with information we didn’t even think about asking.  Chris performed demographic studies, market analysis, density studies told us exactly where we needed to be located and provided us not only within information about our business, but a competitive analysis of what others were currently doing in the same market.  Chris’ informative studies allow us to make educated decisions based on data and not what people were telling us.
Bottom line, Chris knows marketing and how to implement both digital and traditional into a business to make it successful.  Chris’ ideas were not only refreshing, but out of the box.  Chris allowed our company to take our marketing strategy to the next level.  His marketing efforts helped increase our sales in the 2014 calendar year. 
Chris’ knowledge of mobile marketing and social media is light years ahead of others that I have spoken to.  When Chris came in and made his recommendation to our company on how we can improve, he was not only spot on to what others in our industry were saying, but his recommendations were unique, easy to implement and gave our company the needed advantage that we needed.  Additionally, Chris came in and spent the time with my staff training them on the importance of what he was doing and why he was doing it.  He even held several working lunch meetings for my staff and educated them on various social media trends and practices that they could personally and professionally use.
Real Estate Office - SE Michigan
Chris has been managing our social media accounts for several years now and has delivered on everything he said he would.  Chris went above and beyond what we agreed upon to ensure that our social strategy was successful.  Chris took our Facebook page from 100’s to over 115,000 to date.  Chris’ ability to develop content which engages our fans is like something I have ever seen.  People email me and come up to me all the time asking about posts that were made on our site.  They love the content, which in turn helps brand our business and keep loyal customers.
The best thing about working with Chris is knowing that I can send him a text or email and the work will get done.  I never have to follow up or chase him down for information. Chris is looking out for the best interest of my company and our brand.  He sends me information before I even know I need it because he recognized a concern and addressed it immediately.  Chris’ ability to perform data dives and find information that no one else if looking for can save any business thousands, if not more.  We would not be where we are today without Chris’ continued support and always trying to stay one step ahead.